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Warranty Policy

Limited Warranty:

Warranty of Monport machines and hard-wares become effective when your order is delivered.  

Detailed warranty terms are as follows:

  • 2-year warranty on 60W, 80W, 100W, 130W and 150W CO2 Laser Machines and all Fiber Marking Machines
  • 1-year warranty on 40W CO2 Laser Machines, plus 80W, 100W, 130W and 150W Laser Tubes and all Fiber Machine Laser Source
  • 6-month warranty on 40W and 60W Laser Tubes
  • Power supplies and lens: 2-year warranty on 80W, 100W, 130W and150W CO2 Laser Machines; 1-year warranty on 40W and 60W CO2 Laser Machines

Please contact us and get a professional support via if you have any issues, our tech support team will be here to answer your questions.

The above limited warranty policies are not applied to:

  • Requirements of return, refund or replace. Please see our Return & Refund Policy page.
  • Orders or product exceeds the warranty terms.
  • Products purchased and/or obtained from sources that are not authorized by Monport.
  • Products have any changes or refinements after order is unboxed.
  • Traces of ware occurred during normal use
  • Damage and/or failing caused by following reasons:
  1. Incorrect or irresponsible use, including inappropriate working circumstance; unstable power supply and improper plugging/unplugging; unreliable cooling system; working for unreasonable intention or purpose;, etc.
  2. Lack of proper maintenance and preserve, including disclosing products or parts to extreme temperature, humidity or other harmful materials; accumulating debris and fractions of engraving material inside the machine; lack of lens cleaning, etc.
  • Disasters including fire, flood, lightning, etc
  • Product identification such as series number is unknown, unauthorized, modified or removed.
  • Original order information cannot be provided.
  • Installing and operating pirated software or any software that is unauthorized, non-standard.
  • Damage and/or failing caused during returning
  • Damage and/or failing caused by force majure or accidents;
  • Other damage and/or failing not caused by the quality of the product;

Monport does not take responsibilities for situations listed above. Please contact our support team if you confront above situation or other complicated situation.


Packaging items, bundled products and accessories are not applied to above warranty polices. We will resend these products for free if you receive a flawed one for the first time.

After the warranty of your product is expired, Monport is no longer obligated for further replace and repair and shipping costs.