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GA Series MOPA

The Monport GA MOPA Fiber Laser Engraver for Metal is an all-in-one marking machine designed for precision and versatility. This advanced laser engraver features an auto focus system and color marking capabilities, allowing you to achieve stunning, high-quality engravings on a variety of materials. With a remarkable marking speed of up to 10,000mm/s and a ±90° vertical arm rotation, it ensures fast, efficient, and flexible operation for all your engraving needs.

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GA Series MOPA

What are the advantages of GA MOPA Fiber Laser metal engraving machines?

Autofocus Accuracy
Monport’s unique autofocus technology delivers remarkable precision with an error margin of less than ±1mm at the touch of a button. This efficient process significantly enhances work productivity and focus accuracy compared to conventional manual techniques. For additional flexibility, manual focus is also an option, supported by three red alignment lights.

±90° Vertical Arm Rotation
The vertical arm offers an adjustable range of ±90°, enabling users to secure it at any desired angle within this span. This functionality fosters endless creativity in marking applications. Adjustments are straightforward, requiring only the loosening of screws without the need to fully remove them.

Widely Adjustable Frequency and Pulse Width
Capable of vivid stainless steel color marking, black marking on anodized aluminum, precision cutting, drilling, general marking, and plastic key surface marking. (Note: laser frequency 1-4000kHz, pulse width 2-500ns)

Quick and Easy Installation

Mounting this LightBurn compatible fiber laser marker is easy thanks to its foldable vertical arm design. Just tighten two screws and you're ready to go. Monport ensures that even beginners can set it up within a minute of unboxing for a hassle-free experience.

What materials can be marked with the GA Series MOPA?

The GA Series MOPA Fiber Laser is highly versatile and can work with a wide range of materials. It excels in marking and engraving metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, gold, silver, and brass. Additionally, it can effectively handle anodized aluminum, plastics, and other non-metallic materials, providing precise and high-quality results across various surfaces.

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