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Why we use GALVO laser machines

Galvo machines use motor-based mirrors and high speed to move the laser beam through its lens. Depending on the position and field, the laser beam can submerge into the material at a lower or higher angle to create different marking and cutting effects.

 You can also guide the laser beam at an extremely fast pace and ensure repeatability and high precision. The ideal Galvo machine offers a short marking time without compromising high-quality markings.

There are several scientific differences between a Galvo and a fiber laser machine. For starters, the architecture and functional approach of a fiber laser is significantly different from a Galvo machine.

Galvo machines directly hit laser beams onto the selective material. Ordinarily, the fiber laser deflects the beat along with the X & Y-axis. But the installation of a plotter system works in housing. Unlike old school fiber laser machines that require huge processing areas, Galvo machines can become operational in small production space.

When it comes to Galvo systems, you can expect the laser beams to emit onto two dynamic and rotatable mirrors with low inertia. And these mirrors are moved through galvanometer drives. Since there is relatively low mass acceleration, the Galvo laser beam can just move on top of the item with high precision, speed, and repetition.


Today, you can find various Galvo markers in different wavelengths and power classes. Ideally, you should get a Galvo machine that caters to top-notch traceability and identification marking. You can use a fiber laser marker to mark logos, texts, alphanumeric codes, data matrix codes, and much more.

Moreover, highly communicative Galvo machines can ensure production autonomously and produce crucial data for identification. Most Galvo markers have a compact aluminum structure and feature game-changing components.

You can count on low maintenance, integration options, and a robust mechanism in a Galvo fiber laser marker. You can even roll out Galvo machines in multiple mounting positions. It means you can mount your Galvo machine on an X and Y axel system at your workstation. You can also leverage detachable side parts or pass-throughs to mark and mount bulkier items.