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Where Can I Get Laser Engraving Ideas?

As a laser engraver hobbyist, I really like DIY by a laser engraver. However, sometimes no creative ideas confuse me. I suppose, you may have the same confusion as mine.

The most convenient and effective place I recommended is the internet certainly. Join various groups and start to network with other individuals in the industry. Social media is a great way to see other products and get ideas for your own laser engraved projects.However, remember to be  unique and creative and never copy a same ideal directly. If you really like a file or a design, show your support and purchase it from a designer. 

If you have a lot of hobbies, you can join in hobbyist groups and communities. I’ve already took part in a Monport Facebook group. Sometimes other people’s idea and activities may inspire you.

Brainstorm and think of all the laser engraving ideas you might have and put them somewhere, whether it be on your computer or in a notebook.

Keep a running list of all your laser engraving ideas. Also, if you ever have any laser cutter projects you want to test and try out, make a note of it! You never know until you try, and every single laser engraving project you take on will have a learning curve.

If you’re a green hand to make a laser production, don’t be afraid of making mistakes or wasting any materials to test. It happens to all of us. Keep a list/ document/ blog post with detailed photos and descriptions of your issues, along with ways that you have tested and overcome them. This is how we all learn and grow.

Join in Monport Facebook official group and enter the laser world. You will find yourself and be inspired there!