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The History of Laser Machine

If you want to understand Monport laser engraving machines, you must first start with the history of the laser machines. The development of our Monport laser machines can be traced back to the history of laser engraving machines.

First of all, from 1990s to present, mechanical engraving has developed;From the initial laser engraving machine,stamp engraving machine to three-dimensional engraving machine, the production process is also becoming more and more mature, and the scope of application is becoming more and more extensive as well;From the decoration of buildings, to the signs in front of stores, and even the nameplates of many products, it can be said that the use of carving is ubiquitous. Laser engraving machines, as the name suggests, is a device that uses machinery instead of manual engraving.

I am sure you will be very interested in the next three questions:

Why do people engrave?

What techniques were used for engraving?

What have people been sculpting over the years?

According to Kristin Huff said:

“Why Did People Engrave?”

“In ancient times, people used engraving to honor their gods and rulers. Evidence of stone carvings found in the Serengeti Plains of Africa has proven that ancient man worked with stone as long as 500,000 years ago. Statuettes of fertility goddesses, such as the famous Venus of Willendorf (discovered in Willendorf, Austria), have an estimated creation date of between 40,000–15,000 BC.

Beautifully carved gemstones, known as cameos, have been found in Egypt and Rome. The art of cameo cutting peaked in Rome in the first centuries before and after Christ. Untold thousands of cameos were carved, many bearing the likenesses of ancient leaders, such as Alexander the Great and the Roman historian and scholar Pliny the Elder.

People also used engraving in ancient times to signify wealth. Beginning in about 3000 BC, Sumerian and Hittite carvers began engraving “seals.” These cylindrical ornaments were often made of gemstones such as soapstone and lapis lazuli, and were carved with intricate designs and cuneiform writings. It’s likely that most wealthy individuals in those times owned at least one of these seals.”

So, the tradition of carving not only brings beauty to the world, but also leaves a historical legacy for the future.About how advanced the engraving machine is now, Monport laser engraving machines will answer all your questions one by one. You are welcome to come and learn about our Monport laser engraving machines, and we will provide you with the most sincere service.