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Scientific Knowledge in CO2 Engravers


The principle of laser engraving is that the laser beam is transmitted and focused on the surface of the material through the optical mechanism, and the material at the action point of the high-energy density laser beam is rapidly vaporized to form pits. Using the computer to control the x-y console to drive the laser head to move and control the on-off of the laser as required. The image information processed by the software has been stored in the computer in a certain way. When the information is read from the computer in sequence, the laser head will move along the the scanning track from left to right and top to bottom, scanning back and forth and line by line . The computer stores information in binary, which fits the two states of the laser, on or off. Whenever a "1" point is scanned, the laser is turned on, and when a "0" point is scanned, the laser is turned off.

Area of application

The CO2 laser engraving machine is suitable for cutting and engraving most non-metallic materials. There are woods, paper, cast acrylics, plywood, leather, fabric, glass, ceramics, resin, PCB boards, etc that a CO2 laser can cut or engrave. Glad to hear from you about the questions on specific materials either listed or not. If necessary, we can test it for you.


  1. Extensive range: CO2 lasers can engrave and cut virtually any non-metallic material. And it's cheap!
  1. Safe and reliable: non-contact processing will not cause mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress to the material. No "knife marks", no damage to the surface of the workpiece; no deformation of the material;
  2. Accurate: the accuracy of a CO2 laser can reach 0.02mm;as refer, a CNC router can only reach 0.1mm.
  3. Saving and environmental protecting: the diameter of the beam and the spot is small, generally less than 0.5mm; the cutting process saves materials and is safe and hygienic;
  4. Identicaleffect: ensuring that the processing effect of the same batch is completely consistent.
  5. High-speed and fast: high-speed engraving and cutting can be performed immediately according to the pattern output by the computer. Most of our machines are compatible with Lightburn, which is a layout, editing, and control software for your laser cutter that can be easily used on both Windows and Mac.
  1. Low cost: not limited by the number of processing.For small batch processing services, laser processing is much