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Laser Etching Glass


Glass laser etching & engraving techniques have become more and more popular with the development of the society. Glass laser etching & engraving have been applied to produce images, patterns and logos for a lot of companies and merchants. Wineries and custom glass companies often use laser engraving systems to engrave custom logos on their products.


Laser etching glass

Laser etching is a subset of laser engraving, which occurs when the heat of the beam causes the surface of the material to melt.  Unlike engraving, the etching depth is usually no more than 0.001 inches.

Laser engraving cuts out a part of the material, leaving a cavity for display design.  In harder materials, the engraving depth usually varies from 0.02 "to 0.125".

Techniques for laser etching & engraving glass

  • Dampened paper towel
  • Application tape  
  • Engraving without using materials (dampened paper or application tape)
      laser etching & engraving glass
      laser etching & engraving glass

      What kind of objects can you etch or engrave with a laser?

      • Wine glasses
      • Glass jars
      • Glass beer mugs
      • Champagne flutes
      • Wine bottles
      • Glass plates
      • Drinking glasses
      • Decorative pieces made from glass, crystal and hand-blow