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Monport GA 100W Upgraded Integrated MOPA Fiber Laser Engraver & Marking Machine with Auto Focus

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Model: YXF100

Laser Power: 100W

Laser Type: JPT MOPA Fiber

Color Marking: YES

Working Area: 6.9"x 6.9"

Wavelength: 1064nm

Marking Speed: Up to 10000mm/s

Expected Service Life (MTTF): 100,000 hr.

GA Fiber Laser Benefits

All-in-One Fiber Laser

Experience Monport's latest, independently developed autofocuslaser marking machine. Upgraded for enhanced performance and cost-effectiveness, users can enjoy advanced features without significant cost increase. The machine arrives ready-to-use with easy installation, quick setup, and user-friendly operation.

Aluminum Body with Integrated Optics

Monport combines functionality and aesthetics in industrial gradefiber laser engravers. The entire machine features a robust aluminum casing, with the auto-focus and galvanometer modules integrated into the optical path. This integration, paired with sleek exterior lines and a minimalist structure, positions it far ahead of industry competitors.

Auto-Focus Innovation

Monport introduces our proprietary auto-focus technology, achieving high precision with a single click (error<±1mm). This streamlined process enhances work efficiency and focus accuracy compared to traditional manual methods. For added flexibility, manual focus is also possible, supported by three red lights.

Enhanced Performance

Beyond its outstanding design, Monport's desktop marking machine outperforms competitors also in performance. Every component has been rigorously tested for ultra-high stability, precision positioning, rapid marking speeds, and robust anti-interference capabilities (see detailed specifications for reference).

±90° Vertical Arm Rotation

The vertical arm offers an infinitely adjustable range of ±90°. Users can fix it at any angle within this range, promoting unlimited creativity in marking applications. Adjustments are convenient, requiring just the loosening of screws without the need for complete unscrewing.

Widely adjustable frequency and pulse width

Stainless steel colorful marking,including anodized aluminum black marking, precision cutting, drilling, conventional marking, plastic keystroke surface marking, etc.
(Note: Laser Frequency 1-4000kHz,Pulse Width 2-500ns)

One-Minute Installation

Installing this LightBurn compatible fiber laser marker is a breeze with its excellent foldable vertical arm design —just tighten two screws, and you're ready to go. Monport promises that even beginners can complete the setup within a minute after unboxing for a hassle-free experience.

Warranty & Certifications

  • 2-year parts warranton all GA fiber laser machines
  • 1-year warranty on fiber laser source

Delivery and Shipping

You will get the tracking number within 2 business days.

The delivery time varies from 3 to 7 business days.

If the arrived outer package is damaged, please refuse to sign for it and take a photo, then contact Monport via

We are very glad to help you with the exchange process.

GA MOPA Fiber Features

One-Touch Autofocus

Monport innovative one-click autofocus feature guarantees meticulous distance measurement and exact focus adjustments, ensuring zero-error operation down to the micron level.

Installed in 1 Minute

Exceptionally Easy Installation. Upon unpacking, gently place the machine onto your tabletop, carefully straighten the upright mast, and secure it in place with just two screws.

Unrestricted High-Definition Marking 

Enabled with a vertically rotating mast capable ofinfinite 90° rotation, Monport GA MOPA breaks conventional barriers, providing unmatched flexibility and unrestricted high-definition marking capabilities over all angles and surfaces of workpieces.

Elevate Business Projects

Boasting an unparalleledmarking speedup to 10000mm/s, Monport GA MOPA Fiber Laser is designed to cater to the most demanding industrial and creative applications, ensuring that your projects are not only completed with precision but also with an efficiency that sets new industry standards.

Galvo Scanning Technology

Equipped with the cutting-edge Galvo Tech drive and scanning system, Monport GA MOPA FIber Laser can attain a marking speed of up to 10,000mm/s while consistently deliveringexceptional precision and steadfast, rapid marking capabilities.

Sub-Micron Precision

Equipped with a powerful 100W driver and JPT 100W laser source, Monport GA MOPA Fiber Laser delivers strikingcolor marking on stainless steel, aluminium, and other metalswhile maintainingsub-micron precision and error-free accuracy.


Monport GA 100W Upgraded Integrated MOPA Fiber Laser Engraver & Marking Machine with Auto Focus

£4,499.99 £7,999.99
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