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Monport 3-Layer Filter Cartridge Set for 150W Smoke Purifier


Features & Benefits

Purification rate of up to 99.97%

Efficient performance

The set has three layers of filter elements, and the initial filter cotton filters visible large particles; H13 filter element: effectively filters dust particles above 0.3 microns; High iodine activated carbon filter: absorbs toxic gases, smoke, and odors.

High iodine value filter element

Monport's high-efficiency filter uses columnar carbon with an iodine value of 1000-1100 It is 1.4 times higher than ordinary coal based carbon and has higher purification and deodorization capabilities than ordinary activated carbon

Easy to install

Modular structure, easy to assemble, filter element can be locally replaced according to usage

Service life

The service life of the kit filter element is 3 months (actual situation may vary depending on individual usage frequency)

Specification & Others

Cotton Dimension:

150W Initial Effect:225*175*10mm
150W Medium Efficiency:225*175*35mm
150W HIgh-Efficiency:245*193*180mm

Package Dimension: 255*205*195mm

Service Life: 3 months

Quantity: total 7. Initial*5, Medium*1, High*1

Delivery and Shipping

Delivery time: 3-7 working days

Monport 3-Layer Filter Cartridge Set for 150W Smoke Purifier

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