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Laser Engraving with Students in School

Laser engraving with students in school

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How do we do laser engraving with students in school?

Lasers are incredibly versatile and can be incorporated into a variety of courses. We also find that Monport laser machines are exceptionally popular in schools outside the classroom setting, as they can also be used for creating student or teacher awards, cutting classroom signage in-house, creating promotional products for school fundraisers, etc.)Depending on the class subject and curriculum, we’ve seen lasers used in all kinds of courses including

Laser engraving lake artcraft with students in school
  •  Woodshop/Woodworking
  •  Industrial arts
  •  Fashion courses & labs (for cutting patterns and fabric, and other
  •  Substrates to create accessories such as pendants and earrings.
  •  Technology classes
  •  Art/design/photography courses
  • Startup sequence
  •  Focusing the laser and positioning your material
  •  Corel Draw steps
  •  Job Control steps
  •  Cleaning up after your lesson

From smart boards to tablets, 3D printers to laser cutters, more and more schools are bringing hands-on, interactive technology to the classroom. Whether it is an industrial technology course or an art lab, schools and universities incorporating new technology in the classroom are engaging more students and creating active learners. Laser cutting/engraving systems are fast becoming one of the most in-demand tools to add to the classroom, or in some cases, build an entire curriculum around. Laser cutters are versatile, easy to use, and safe. Not to mention incredibly fun to use. 


Why do we start Laser cutting & engraving projects with students in school?

What is education? Education is to help our students find a way that connects them and the world. We aren’t lack of the person who works no any changes only copy the work day by day. If so, machines can do that. We lack a person who can do creation in every industry.  How do we nourish the children like this, That is the duty of every teacher, the hope of every parent. Owning a Monport Laser CO2 machine can help your students connect themselves and the world. here are two main categories in which we see educational facilities adding laser technology: specific classes for tailored applications,  First we’ll take a look at different types of courses using lasers. From industrial shop classes to art to architectural design, schools are discovering what a powerful tool a laser can be in engaging, inspiring, and educating students. Lasers in the classroom can build critical thinking and problem-solving skills, foster creativity, encourage peer collaboration, and create more engaged and successful teachers.

The versatility of the laser means that there are naturally some hidden benefits to incorporating this type of equipment in your school. It’s up to your discretion if you want to share all of these money-saving ways to use the laser machine outside the classroom, or if you want to keep them to yourself!

  • Awards and Plaques 

There are numerous awards that your school gives out every year - why not create your own custom awards and trophies with the laser? Creating and producing custom awards can be expensive. Bringing these services in-house can have a positive impact on school budgets.

  • School Signage 

Schools need signage throughout their campuses. Classroom signs can be customized for the teacher and room number in just a few quick steps. Directional signs can be created to direct students and visitors through the campus, and architectural signage even be made to showcase your school mascot.

Laser engraving bookmark with students in school


  • Fundraising Campaigns

When your school is planning their next fundraising campaign, how about something involving the laser machine? You can custom etch laptops for a donation, or create a commemorative laser-cut holiday ornament to sell? Or create special etched keychains with your school logo. The ideas are endless!

  • Booster Gifts 

Are you looking for a special gift to give to boosters of your school? How about a cozy fleece with the booster’s name and school logo engraved? Or personalized travel coffee mugs or water bottles? Even the simplest gifts can mean so much more when customized with the laser.

Laser engraving scooter with students in school


  • Club Use

Does your school have clubs that could utilize a laser? Imagine what projects an engineering club or art club could create with access to a laser system. The laser may even spark the idea for a new club, such as an architecture club, that could use the laser for architectural modeling projects!

  • Events

From sporting events to dances to science fairs, the laser can add a great benefit to your school. Students can use the laser to create signage for the event, create custom giveaways, and add laser cutting to a science project.


Which laser basic knowledge we can design for our students?


Innovation is inseparable from the accumulation of basic knowledge, if we want to use a laser machine to create, it needs our students who have some basic knowledge, such as computer knowledge, and software knowledge-CorelDraw, if there is no any, only ideas, You can go on the lessons. when you change your ideas to fact products, Your students will have a great sense of achievement, this kind of achievement will inspire them to create more ideas. Which lessons we can design with our students by the Monport machine, These lessons as below we advised, you also design different lessons based on the different students.

Laser engraving house craft with students in school
  •  Customized Games
  •  Assembly Instruction Designers
  •  Noticing Patterns
  •  Mindful Patterns for Peace
  •  Tiny Homes Challenge
  • Spinning Tops
  •  Mirror Light Reflection
  •  Illuminated Cuff Bracelet
  •  Fairy Light Illuminated Banner
  •  Illuminated Solar System
  •  Classroom Flair
  • Wooden and Acrylic Puzzle with your Monport
  •  Balance Scale
  •  Animated Servo Motor Robot
  •  Gear-Spun Art
  •  Penny Drop Game
  •  Step-By-Step Tracker
  •  Basic Circuitry with Monport
  •  Tracing with Mirrors

Every project can improve students' hands-on ability, already understanding of existing objects in life. Inspiring them to create different products with their hands and brains, creation from life and higher than life. However, it is great that you changed these creations into fact products and the things in life. Make our students to come true the goal that from research-create-design-connect them with the world.


Final Thoughts


Monport back-to-school marketing campaign, bridging the Monport 40w laser engraver with the Lightburn-Compatible Control Motherboard, takes laser engraving education to new heights. Schools can empower their students with cutting-edge technology and promote a dynamic and interactive learning experience. The upgrade not only enhances creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills but also provides students with an opportunity to explore entrepreneurship and fundraising opportunities.