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Best Affordable Laser Cutters in 2023

Best Affordable Laser Cutters in 2023

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What should you do if you require a laser engraver but your budget is limited? In fact, there are many excellent engraving machines at the same price on the market. People are distressed by the low price and low quality machines, which are hovering between price and quality. In this buyer's guide, you can find a series of laser engraving machines, each of which has achieved an irreplaceable level in its price. If you want to be a very discerning and smart investor, we will discuss each budget laser machine in detail to help you make a wise choice.


Ⅰ. What is a Laser Cutter?


A laser cutter is a type of machine that uses a laser beam to cut or engrave material. The laser cutter uses a high-powered laser to emit a beam of light that precisely cuts through materials such as wood, plastic, fabric, and metal. These machines are commonly used in the manufacturing and design industries for creating complex and intricate shapes and designs.


Ⅱ. Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Laser Cutting Machine

In fact, there are many reasonably priced laser engraving machines that provide very high quality cutting and engraving. So, what exactly is a cheap laser engraving machine? First and foremost, you must determine why you are purchasing this machine. If you only want to be an entry-level hobbyist, the price range of $400-600 $ is ideal. This price range is based primarily on diodes and desktop laser engraver. However, if you want to start a small business and make as many handicrafts as possible, these desktop models will not suffice. A cheap laser cutter is more affordable for small businesses, which helps keep costs low and can be a good choice for businesses that are just starting out.

When purchasing a laser cutting machine, it is important to consider the following factors to ensure that you select the right machine for your needs:

Purpose: Consider the specific tasks you will be using the laser cutting machine for, such as cutting thickness, material type, and cutting speed.

Power: Determine the power of the laser beam required for your specific cutting needs. A higher powered laser will be able to cut through thicker materials more quickly, but will also be more expensive.

Size: Consider the size of the laser cutting machine and the space you have available in your workshop or studio.

Precision: Determine the level of precision you require for your cuts. Some laser cutting machines are more precise than others, and this may impact the final quality of your cuts.

Safety: Laser cutting machines can be dangerous if used improperly, so it is important to consider safety features such as interlocks, enclosures, and emergency shut-off switches.

Maintenance: Consider the level of maintenance required for the laser cutting machine and whether or not you have the technical knowledge to maintain it.

Cost: Laser cutting machines can be expensive, so it is important to consider your budget and to compare the costs of different machines to find the one that fits your needs.

Support: Consider the level of support offered by the manufacturer or distributor, including warranty, training, and customer service.


Ⅲ. Affordable Laser Cutters


For Beginners, Hobbyists, DIY Makers

  1. Monport 40W LightBurn-ready

40w lightburn laser engraver

When it comes to CO2 laser engravers, there are a few different types that you can choose from on market, and most of them are costly, and If you’re looking for something reliable and affordable, then you may want to consider this Monport 40W CO2 laser engraver. It can easily cut many 1/5 "materials.


  • Price is super friendly for beginner
  • Compatible with LightBurn
  • 40w that allow you engrave & cut different material
  • It is preassembled, so you can start engraving witin 30 mintues


  • Focus distance is inconvenient to adjust since you have to remove screw on laser head
  • Can not support offline engraving


 2. Glowforge Basic

glowforge basic

The Glowforge Basic model is the company's entry-level model, and it costs less than Glowforge's other two laser cutting devices. The 40W laser in the entry-level model versus the 45W laser in Glowforge Pro is the primary distinction between the two products. You must spend an additional $2495 to almost $6000 to upgrade to Glowforge's most potent laser cutting machine. Glowforge, a family-friendly carving machine, will undoubtedly meet your needs if you are a carving enthusiast with a sufficient budget or a relatively small business engraver. It can easily cut many 1/8 "materials and various 1/4" materials.


  • Easy to use and good app


  • Ideally needs the Air Filter accessory 


For small business


          3. Monport 60W (16‘’X24‘’) Autofocus CO2 Laser Engraver

    Monport 60w autofocus laser engraver

    The 60W CO2 laser on the machine can be used for glass, cardboard, paper, rubber, leather, stone, acrylic and other materials. The rated life of its laser tube is 2000 hours. The actual life will depend on your application. If you often run the machine at full power, its life will be shortened.

    Monport 60W machine has belt drive along the X and Y axes. The transmission is supported by aluminum rails to improve rigidity and stability. Along the Z axis, the machine is mobile and has automatic focusing function. Monport also has another similar machine without autofocus function.


    • Fireproof Viewing Window
    • Enclosed Aeronautical Aluminum Rail
    • Autofocus


    • Price is unfriendly for beginner


    1. Monport 80W (24‘’X36‘’) Built-in Water Chiller CO2 Laser Engraver

    Monport 80w built-in water chiller laser engraver

    As a machine that gives the engravers sincerity in all aspects, whether it is its own refrigeration system, or its unique lighting belt and closed aviation aluminum guide rail, it has the advantages of other machines of the same type, but also has other outstanding designs that make people shine. The Monport 80w can meet the production needs of almost all small enterprises to a large extent in terms of power and material capacity, If you are a stable and promising commercial sculptor, this machine can be regarded as highly cost-effective.


    • Fireproof Viewing Window
    • Enclosed Aeronautical Aluminum Rail
    • Autofocus
    • 3-ways to Connect with PC End
    • Built-in Air Assist


    • Mirrors for beam transmission need to be kept clean and aligned


    Ⅳ. Conclusion

    Monport Laser is the leader of easy-to-use and versatile laser cutting and laser engraving machines. Our system scale ranges from desktop computers, large-capacity machines to industrial production equipment. Our machines operate all over the world: from primary schools to national laboratories, garage startups and many Fortune 500 companies. Contact us now for more information.

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