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10 Laser Engraving Ideas with Monport K40 Laser Cutter

10 Laser Engraving Ideas with Monport K40 Laser Cutter

Wenting Wang |

Since the release of Monport 40W LightBurn, Monport has been amazed by the sculpture works carved by customers every day. No matter what materials are used for carving or the parameter settings for engraving, with this equipment, countless other small handicraft projects can be made easier. You can engrave letters or patterns you want on many small objects. All this is possible without the need for technical skills, artistic skills or expensive equipment. In addition, buying our K40 laser cutter will introduce you to the world of laser engraving. Therefore, many new users soon became enthusiastic about engraving these DIY projects and upgraded their hobby to a business. This very novice friendly low-cost co2 laser engraving machine can easily engrave various contents.

Millennium Falcon lasercut

Monport Plywood cut engraver
This beautiful object is made by cutting 2mm plywood plywood and splicing layer by layer. Monport 40W LightBurn uses its own excellent cutting power to achieve some hardwood cutting. There are many kinds of wood that can be engraved, and testing your specific material is critical to getting the best results. Generally, wood with the same texture and color is engraverd more evenly. Others like fibers made of uneven fibers. Whatever you do, it usually produces poor results. Artificial wood products vary from brand to brand, mainly depending on their glue composition and content. MDF works well, but it will produce dark edges when cutting. In addition to the fire risk of any wood products, special attention must be paid to the smoke generated by glue used in plywood and other man-made wood. However, careful ventilation is required in the process of cutting such works. Monport 40W lightburn is generally equipped with a purifier for use, which can purify some smoke and toxic substances generated during the cutting process. Because the dust in some natural woods  can cause nausea and heart problems, its content is high enough.

Custom Cutting Board

Monport Cutting board
In addition to wood, the 40W laser engraving machine can also carve some other things, including bamboo and other engraving works. Because the Monport 40W lightburn has higher power than other diodes, it can give play to its excellent engraving ability when carving hard materials that are not easy to carve and works that need carving depth, Many engravers will use Monport 40W lightburn to engraver common household products such as cutting boards.

Wall Decor


Monport wall decor
Carving on the wall can be done with many materials. Wood is just one of the common wall decorations. There are many kinds of wood that can be engraved in Monport 40W lightburn. Testing your specific materials is crucial for obtaining the best results. Generally, wood with the same texture and color is engraved more evenly. Knot wood will produce uneven effect, while resin wood will produce greater edge contrast. Some softwoods, such as balsa, cork, and pine, work well at low or low contrast, medium power settings, and high speeds.

Cutting wallet

Monport cutting wallet
Leather engraving works are very common. K40 usually uses low to medium speed power when engraving such leather wallets. Pay special attention to the possibility of dust and fluorine generated in repeated application. Monport 40W lightburn will produce these leather works efficiently.


Final Thoughts

Are you ready to start production? After seeing all these laser cutting projects, your creativity must be endless! Whenever you need some inspiration to get rid of the stereotype of creation, you can use this article. Therefore, write down these works on bookmarks and often quote them! Start using your Monport to make carving more successful!

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