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Great Laser Engraved Pet Products Ideas

Great Laser Engraved Pet Products Ideas

Wenting Wang |

Many pet lovers or engravers who want to make money from pet engraving products, it is normal for Americans to like to spend money on their furry friends. Today's buyers are looking for personalized products. When it comes to pet products, this trend is no different. With the development of the pet market and the rise of various pet products, the sales of customized products continue to rise. These customized products need to be customized by businesses themselves, and many businesses choose to use laser engraving machines to achieve personalized design of products. If you are a laser engraving enthusiast, you can also design their own products for your pet, The rise of small businesses can also be achieved through these similar designs. Many companies and amateurs are incorporating engraving systems into their operations, and the cost-effectiveness and rapid turnover of laser etching are the main advantages. Several ways for your pet shop or production facility to use laser engraving machine:


  • Laser Engraved Pet ID tag

laser engraved pet name tags

It is very important for each pet to add key information on the label, but etching is also an opportunity to show the pet's personality. The logo that can be customized for your pet is different from these pet collars. These tags are usually made of metal, which is different from collars. These tags can be hung on the collars. Engraving patterns on the customized pet ID tags can ensure that the surface is free of chemicals. Laser engraving does not use any chemical reagents, and you do not need to worry about your pets being injured by some toxic chemicals. Laser engraving is safe Clear and permanent. Laser engraved dog tags can be ideal products for local pet stores.


  • Laser Engraved Pet houses

laser engraved pet houses

Laser engraving can also be used to build an indoor house for pets. The materials needed are only wood boards and cardboard. You can cut wood boards by laser, and then laser engraving can be used to make surface marking patterns or letters. After that, you can assemble and splice them, and then decorate them according to your needs. In addition to indoor houses, there are various soft nests that can be customized by carving. A piece of home art carved by laser is a way to show your enthusiasm for animals. The great thing about laser carving is that you can design a file once, and then use it repeatedly. Each time you can create a perfect carving effect, which can also lay a solid foundation for your next batch production!


  • Laser Engraved Pet collar

Most pet collars are made of leather, and the carbon dioxide carving machine is very suitable for carving leather. When your pet has a personalized collar, please rest assured that your puppy will not only be safe, but also very fashionable! Many materials can be carved, including leather and metal. Generally speaking, some collars may not use only one material, but may use leather and metal together. Therefore, you can use the Monport optical fiber marking machine to carve various information about pets, including their names and owners' contact information, all of which can form unique personalized animal accessories.


  • Laser Engraved Pet bowls

laser engraved pet bowls

Laser carving can enable your pet to have special tableware. If it is a small stainless steel bowl, you can use an optical fiber laser carving machine with a rotating shaft to mark it. If it is a wooden or ceramic bowl, you can use a carbon dioxide laser carving machine to carve it. Don't worry about the irregularity of the bowl, which makes it difficult to carve, You can completely fix the position through the material control clip of the Monport machine. It is particularly worth mentioning that even the 40w Monport CO2 laser engraver is also equipped with a control clip that can control materials.


  • Laser Engraved Pet Toys

Various pet toys can also be customized through carving machines. For example, cat climbing frames, cat scratch boards and boxes can all be customized, and cat scratch boards can also be completed through carving machines. First, you need to cut some discarded cardboard boxes into multiple shapes on the side of cat scratch boards of the same size, and then splice them together. You can also carve some patterns or patterns on the surface, An environment-friendly and simple cat scratch board is completed. In addition to cat scratch board, you can also carve some toys like cat's favorite boxes and boxes.


  • Laser Engraved Portrait

laser engraved pet photos

Turn precious paw prints or pet photos into souvenirs and become the best gift ever. There are many materials that can be used to carve these pictures. Glass, metal, wood, stone and other materials can be carved on them. Laser carving can completely carve some photos. Monport's laser carving machine can completely carve high-precision photos, which can well display the details of various images, Including some animal hair or facial texture details. Monuments are a great way to commemorate pets, just like family members. There are many styles of monuments to choose from. Some commemorative tablets commemorating the death of pets can also be customized, and some personalized commemorative pet stones or customized garden stones, tombstones, tombstones and other stone carvings can be achieved by using laser carving.

Why do so many people choose plaques to commemorate their pets? Laser engraved pictures will help you remember what your pet looks like forever. Choose one of your favorite moments to spend with your pet, or consider using a family photo. These plaques can be displayed indoors, hung on the wall, or placed on a shelf or table. Some stone tablets can also be displayed in the garden and the finished stone engravings will not be changed by the wind and rain.