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Tips and Tricks for Photo Laser Engraving

photo engraving tips

Wenting Wang |

Laser engraving machine can be photos and all kinds of images engraved on a variety of materials, laser engraving can not only efficiently process scanning images, but also engraving most of the engraving materials. All kinds of photos, designs, logos, whatever.

A wide range of materials often sculpted by carvers such as stone, wood, ceramics, metal and even jewelry can be used for photo carving. The finished product is usually unique because the photos are up to you. Photo carvings as gifts or custom items are sure to liven up your small business. 

Laser engraving works as simple as selecting the image you like on your computer. Then use your PC to open the laser interface or the graphics software you need to use, and then upload your image, whether it's a design or a photo. Third, if desired, you can add unique text or color to further personalize the image. Finally, press the Print button, which makes it very easy for the laser engraver to print the image onto the material of your choice.


Materials for photo engraving

Image engraving can be used on different materials, such as wood, metal, plywood, acrylic, glass, crystal, metal and other materials are very suitable for image printing, carved in the different idea can be implemented, for example, wood pictures carved souvenirs, crystal glass sculpture, metal marking machine now can also realize the color marking, Such color marking can also achieve a leap from black and white or material color. The following are examples of various sculpting materials that can sculpt pictures:

Wood photo engraving

In carving wood it is easy to adjust the speed and power to achieve the contrast of light and dark, so that the photo can produce different shadow effects. Usually the wood used for carving is cherry, birch, maple, etc. It is usually possible to use a uniform color of wood to ensure a cleaner and cleaner surface.

Stone photo etching

Sculptors can use their own photos and text to carve all kinds of photos and text into granite and marble, whether it's a plaque commemorating someone's achievements whether you're looking for an original gift for a wedding or anniversary, a plaque commemorating someone's achievements, or a stone commemorating a deceased person or a pet, These stones can be used outdoors in any weather for generations or garden stones or plaques, never fade or discolor, these can withstand the wind and rain for generations, and last for a long time. 

Glass and crystal photo engraving

This image is relatively common, carving various mirror, glass bottle or other cylinder can become the object of the carver, in addition to the need in front of the sculpture also need to use the cleaner and clean cloth to clean the surface of the glass or crystal, more need to be aware of is that the engraving should try to avoid material in laser beam heat is too high, glass or crystal material fracture cause problems. We suggest that gray-scale matrices should be used to reduce the amount of heat the engraver has to put on the sculpted object, or ordered dithering of the rasterization type should be used to produce a better finished product.

Metal photo engraving

Whether wood or stone can be achieved by co2 laser engraving machine to achieve good picture engraving, but metal engraving requires us to use optical fiber marking machine. All kinds of metal materials, especially stainless steel wine glasses, are always very common in the field of picture engraving.


Precautions for photo engraving


Step 1: Find the right photos

Laser engraving machine image, the first must be the need for high resolution, high quality. The resolution of the image must be high, and the size of the image should be appropriate, can not cause the image too fuzzy by enlarging the image, reduce the resolution of the image. An image suitable for engraving needs to have a certain amount of contrast and exposure. Therefore, if you have a large area of solid color content, the result will not be good, so the photo with more detail will definitely be easier to carve good results.

Step 2: Edit your photos

As long as you are able to use the corresponding all kinds of photo editing software, cut into appropriate carving area the size of the size, then the background, because the object of engraving machine carving only focus, will be converted to grayscale images, increase brightness and reduce contrast, also can choose to change the color mode images, then need to sharpen the image, the edge of the image object can be more clear, The lines are also more pronounced. Especially if you want to sculpt a portrait or other pet image with high detail, sharpen the glasses, lips, hair and other details as much as possible. Once you've done this, you've edited the photo and you're ready to print it.

Step 3: Do a test before engraving

Even minor changes to your photo settings can have a big impact on your completed project. For example, changing the tonal contrast between dark and light areas on a photo will make the gradient look sharper or softer. Always scan the photo with color when carving. Color will have some other information different from black and white colors. Additional information from the color can give you more information. These specific operations require the engraver to learn a number of advanced photo editing steps that translate into sculpting of varying intensity and detail levels.

Of course, different materials should use different laser power, if your engraving needs to be darker, you can increase the power or slow down the speed. If the engraving needs to be brighter, reduce the power a bit or increase the speed. In summary, the best results for photo engraving come from using high contrast images. Not all photos or materials are the same, and you may need to adjust the image to make it more suitable for laser engraving.


The best laser engraving machines for engraving photos from Monport

First of all, we need to know that co2 laser engraving machine generally can not engraving metal, so other machines that can engraving pictures, Monport machine can achieve engraving. As for metal engraving machine, Monport fiber laser machine can fulfill this process. Metal marking machine of different power can achieve good diy or customization in all kinds of metal tumblers or other crafts.


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