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How to Make Laser Cut Wood or Acrylic Keychain Holder

How to Make Laser Cut Wood or Acrylic Keychain Holder

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With a co2 laser carving and cutting machine, you can create unique decorations and useful items for both you and your customers. You can create a ton of things and draw in a sizable audience, from creating jewelry from scratch to carving prefabricated parts.
Keychains make an excellent gift because they are both practical and personal. Keychains are useful items that people use on a daily basis, and giving a personalized keychain as a gift can make it meaningful and special. 
Engraved keychains add a personal touch to the gift, making it even more special and meaningful. You can engrave a message, a quote, a name, a date, or a special design onto the keychain, making it unique and one-of-a-kind.

Things You Will Need

      1. Monport 40W Desktop CO2 Laser

You can use a personal laser cutter or access a maker space or fabrication lab that has one. Monport 40w LightBurn can safely engrave or cut any laser-compatible material including wood, glass, acrylic, fabric, leather, paper, cardboard, rubber.        

      2. Wood for laser cutting /Acrylic for laser cutting 

For a keychain holder, a lightweight and durable material is ideal. Both cast acrylic and basswood are suitable options. Cast acrylic is lightweight and durable, and is available in a variety of colors and thicknesses. Basswood is a lightweight and softwood that cuts well with a laser cutter and can be easily sanded to remove any rough edges.
If you prefer a clear keychain holder, you can use clear cast acrylic. If you prefer a colored keychain holder, you can use colored cast acrylic. If you prefer a more natural look, you can use basswood and finish it with a clear coat to protect it from moisture.
It is recommended to choose a material thickness of 3mm or less for your keychain holder, as this will be lightweight and easy to carry. You can also experiment with different thicknesses to find the right one for your design and the type of laser cutter you are using.

      3. Software for laser engraving

Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, CorelDraw, etc.

      4. Glue

You might need to paste the earring blank stud bases. Secondly, if your earrings are multilayered, you need glue to stick all the layers together.

      5. Paint

If you are using MDF or any other wood, you will have to paint the earrings to make them more appealing. Acrylics do not need paint. Their natural color and shine are more than enough.

      6. Tools

Tools for removing rough edges or burrs (such as sandpaper or a deburring tool).

Steps to Acrylic or Wood Laser Cutting Keychain Holder 

You can use Monport 40W LightBurn to make keychains. We are going to show you the exact steps to make earrings using Monport 40W LightBurn. You also can learn more from HL ModTech Monport 40W CO2 Laser Engraver Acrylic keychain Lightburn test video about specific steps.

Step 1: Get the Wood/Acrylic Laser Cutting Keychain Design Files 

You can search online for free or paid laser cut design files for keychain holders. Websites like Thingiverse, CNCKitchen, and Etsy have a large selection of design files that you can download and use for your project.

Step 2: Material Settings for Wood Laser Cutting Keychain Holder

The specific material settings for cutting a 3mm MDF (medium-density fiberboard) sheet with a Monport 40w laser cutter will depend on several factors, including the laser cutter's specifications, the MDF quality, and the desired result. However, here are some general guidelines that you can use as a starting point:
  • Power: 30-40% for a 3mm MDF sheet.
  • Speed: 80-100mm/s for a 3mm MDF sheet.

Popular Wood Laser Cutting Acrylic Earrings Designs

laser cutting acrylic 
Here are 10 popular laser cut wood and acrylic keychain designs:
  • Name or Initial Keychain: A keychain with the name or initial of the user.
  • Geometric Shape Keychain: A keychain with a geometric shape, such as a triangle, square, or hexagon.
  • Map Keychain: A keychain featuring a map of a city, state, or country.
  • Personalized Photo Keychain: A keychain with a personalized photo, such as a family photo or a pet photo.
  • Wooden or Acrylic Keychain with Quotes: A keychain with a quote or message laser engraved or cut into the wood or acrylic.
  • Custom Logo Keychain: A keychain with a custom logo, such as a company logo or a personal emblem.
  • Nature Keychain: A keychain with a nature-themed design, such as a tree or a flower.
  • Animal Keychain: A keychain with an animal design, such as a cat, dog, or bird. 
  • Sports Keychain: A keychain with a sports-themed design, such as a basketball, football, or soccer ball.
  • Puzzle Keychain: A keychain in the shape of a puzzle piece, perfect for couples or best friends.

These are just a few popular laser cut wood and acrylic keychain designs. The possibilities are endless and you can create any design that you can imagine.


Engraved keychains also make great keepsakes, as they can serve as a lasting reminder of a special moment or memory. Whether it's for a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, or graduation, or simply as a thoughtful gesture, an engraved keychain can be a great gift for anyone.

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