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CO2 Laser Machine Common Problems and Trouble Shooting

CO2 laser machine common problems and trouble shooting

Wenting Wang |

Struggling to get the best out of your Monport CO2 laser cutting machine? Whether you're just starting out or a professional, we've got you covered. We've compiled a comprehensive list of laser cutting quality control tips, symptoms, causes and solutions so you can get the most out of your laser cutting machine. Learn how to control your laser cutting quality and achieve high-quality results with our easy-to-follow guide.

Ⅰ. Laser Software and Control System Problems

Check if all the interfaces of the computer and machine are good and the cables are well connected. Check if the system you use are upgraded. You may need further help if you use MacOS.

  • The RD main board has insufficient memory

Once this happens, you need to check whether the transfer file is too large (clear the memory file in the panel), and import again. We recommend it to start directly on the computer.

  • Display file transfer failure

Generally, it is because the connection line is in poor contact. You need to plug it again to see if it solved the problem.

  • Wrong home position (front left)

Set the machine to the rear left position. If it still can’t work, maybe you should exchange any two wires of Y axis motor.


Ⅱ. Auxiliary and Accessories System Problems and Solutions

  • How can we turn on the air assist?

Actually,the air assist is automatically turned on by the laser.

  • Why the exhaust fan does not move?

It is generally because the connected wires fall off and the customer needs to install them by hand.

  • Rotaty does not work?

You need to run the machine first and then connect rotary axis after resetting. The motor reacts if the rotary axis doesn't work. If the motor does not respond, you need to check the connecting line. If there is a reaction, the  rotary axis only vibrates but does not work, that is the wrong line sequence. We need to adjust the line sequence.


Ⅲ. Laser Head and Laser Emission Problems 

  • The laser tube does not emit laser

If you encounter this problem, you need to check whether there is a problem from two angles:

  1. The first thing to do is to check the status of the ammeter and check whether the laser has no power supply:
  • If there is no current, check whether the laser power supply is connected and whether other related parts fall off.
  • If there is a current, check whether the lens is broken, and whether it offset the optical path. If the reflector deflects in the laser path and lens, the user needs to adjust the optical path.
  • Finally, check whether there is any problem with the laser tube and the laser power supply, check whether the laser tube is aging or damaged, and replace the laser tube if necessary; If the laser power supply is damaged, replace the power supply.
  1. The second is to check whether the water circulation is normal. If the current meter is normal, you need to check whether the water circulation of the machine is normal. Here are some specific procedures for self inspection, so that you can accurately determine where the problem occurs.
  • There is no water. Check whether the water pump is damaged or not.
  • Check whether the water inlet is connected reversely or split.
  • Whether the water protection is damaged and whether the water protection wire is broken.
  • Whether there is a problem with the main board or the wiring board.


  • The laser will not move along the X and Y axes

Whether it fails to start//Check whether the power supply is connected properly//The power supply is faulty or the fuse is blown

  • Why is the laser tube normal, but the laser head can’t emit laser light ?

There’s something wrong with the optical path. So, the mirror alignment needs to be readjusted.


Ⅳ. Problems in the engraving process

  1. The engraving is too close to the edge, too fast, or does not close when engraving a circle. The following provides the detection process:
  • Check your engraving file and whether the edited file is correct
  • Whether the selected target exceeds the layout
  • Check whether the parameter setting is accurate
  • The computer system is incorrect. Reinstall the operating system.
  • Check whether the belts are tight and elastic
  • Check whether the belt or synchronous pulley slips or skips
  • Check whether the beam is parallel
  1. How to solve the problem that the engraving machine cannot return to the original point?
  • The machine setting is opposite to the origin direction
  • Control card failure
  • Fault caused by jamming of data line of limit switch
  • Driver failure
  1. The engraver effect is poor
  • If two lines are engraved or the lines are not straight during engraving, it may be caused by the non parallel carving beams, abnormal belt tightness or loose laser head.
  • If the machine is only carving on the surface when carving, this usually happens because the carving material is too thick, the power setting is too small, or the machine is set to carving mode rather than cutting mode.
  • In case of engraving broken lines and missed engraving, the most likely cause is that the laser tube is broken, the power supply is unstable, the operation sequence is reversed or static interference occurs. Of course, it is also necessary to check whether the ground wire falls off.

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