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Auto Focus Overview of Monport 80W

Auto Focus Overview of Monport 80W

Yufan Sun |

Laser cutting technology has the characteristics of controllable processing, high efficiency and high quality. In addition to automobile industry, textile machinery, sheet metal processing and other industries, it is widely used in industrial processing. In the key technology of laser cutting machine, using the right focus plays a key role. The correct setting of focal length (i.e. the correct distance between the laser head and the material to be engraved) is very important for the perfect application effect. Monport 80W laser cutter has laser auto focus function and automatic lifting function to help you achieve best result.

Auto Focus vs Manual Focus            

Laser head is the key component of laser cutting machine, which is mainly composed of laser generator, semi reflective prism, objective lens, optical lens. In the early days of laser cutting machines, the laser head was manually focused. In recent years, with the higher and higher production requirements, automatic focusing laser engraving machine gradually appears.             

So, which one is better, laser auto focus or manual focus?             

In the early application of laser cutting machine, there was no autofocus. Therefore, the laser head needs manual focusing, which not only requires the operator to master technical skills, but also affects the product accuracy and production efficiency. With the continuous improvement of production requirements, a new type of automatic engraving machine came into being. The traditional manual focusing laser engraving machine is gradually eliminated, and this new type of automatic focusing laser engraving machine is being widely used. Since the penetration focus of the manual focusing cutting head cannot be adjusted, it is the same as the cutting focus. When cutting thick / thin plates, the penetration energy is insufficient and the penetration time is long. However, for the auto focus cutting head, the focal length can be adjusted.

Advantages of auto focus

The advantage of auto focus is very prominent. It can significantly improve the production efficiency and greatly shorten the cutting time of thick plate materials. In addition, it can adjust the focus to the appropriate position when machining different metal materials and thicknesses. To sum up, automatic focusing laser cutting machine is ahead of manual focusing in many aspects. With the development of science and technology, the automatic focusing laser cutting machine will be more practical and the processing effect will be more perfect. With automatic focus function, the machine can automatically adjust the focus to the most suitable position when processing different materials and different thicknesses. In this way, the processing efficiency of the laser cutting machine can be significantly improved, and the perforation time of thick plates will be reduced. 

  • Better cutting effect  

The focus position will be automatically adjusted during the cutting process to achieve the best cutting effect of metal plates with different thickness.            

  • Labor saving

The focal length is controlled by the operating system. We do not need manual adjustment, which effectively avoids errors or faults caused by manual operation.            

  • Improving production efficiency  

By adjusting the focal length, the penetration energy can be improved, and the penetration speed can be accelerated when cutting thick plates. In terms of penetration time, auto focus is twice as fast as manual focus. The cutting effect is basically the same, but automatic focusing can reduce the plate over melting caused by short overheating time. The cutting time is saved by 90%, cutting gas and electricity are saved, and the cost is saved.

Our automatic focusing Monport 80W laser engraving machine can process different materials with different thickness by automatically adjusting the focal length to the most appropriate position, so as to accurately cut all kinds of materials. No manual calibration is required, and the production cost is reduced by maximizing the efficiency of the laser cutting machine.

How dose auto focus work?

To achieve ideal cutting, the focal length between the cutting head and the material to be cut needs to be set at the best distance to obtain the best effect. This distance may vary depending on the size, density and type of material being cut. To simplify this process, the Monport 80W laser engraving machine is equipped with an autofocus sensor kit with auto focus function to achieve the best focus each time. 

Upgrade your laser engraving experience with our autofocus sensor kit. The autofocus pen senses the correct focus distance from the laser head to the target material and signals the Z-axis autofocus motor to automatically raise or lower the workbed to the perfect focus height. 

Our sensor touch probe is 4 inches long and has a ring connector with a diameter of 1 inch, which is compatible with most CO2 engraving heads. It combines precision performance with fast and simple installation. Our laser autofocus sensor kit has been strictly tested and has consistent quality performance. By using autofocus sensor converts your laser engraving bench from manual to automatic. Just click a single button on the control panel to experience the labor-saving, convenient and safe automatic z-axis adjustment and focusing.

How to use auto focus?

Auto focus

First, place the engraving material horizontally to the working area. Then come to your control panel. Then you press the Z/U key, move down, and select the "Auto focus" option. Then you have to press enter.

High configuration of Monport 80W

Monport 80W laser engraving machine has high configuration, automatic focusing and electric lifting functions.

  • Control panel- Auto focus button            

Auto focus

The acrylic control panel is used to realize the automatic focusing function of the laser cutting machine. Users can focus quickly and accurately before cutting and engraving, save cutting and engraving time, and bring better cutting and engraving effect.

  • Motorized up and down             

Motorized up and down

If you need to process some large-size materials or thicker materials, such as porcelain and marble, the mobile workbench of Monport 80W laser engraving machine is designed to meet these work needs. Just press the "Z axis" on the control panel, and the workbench will move up and down as needed. The standard depth of Z axis is 8 "and the maximum Z depth can reach 9". 

  • The large  working area 

working area

The Monport 80w laser engraving machine has a 24 inch x 36 inch working area and can handle almost any type of material you can think of. It provides a lot of workspace for cutting and engraving. This is a great machine with reasonable price. At the same time, it can do a lot of things and use a lot of materials. Being able to use the same machine for cutting and engraving is well worth upgrading to this machine to meet some business needs. 

  • Built-in air assist system

Built-in air assist system guides a pressurized air stream through the laser head nozzle to displace debris, heat, and combustible gases from the engraving surface and laser beam path, keeping engravings more precise.         

Upgrade your laser engraving experience with our Monport 80W laser cutter with auto focus function. The autofocus probe senses the correct focusing distance from the laser head to the target material and sends a signal to the z-axis motor to automatically raise or lower the workbench to the optimal focusing height. Exclude stress and speculation from the focus process and achieve consistent accuracy. Autofocus saves your time and labor, so you can focus on your design and laser settings!