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What can you do with a CO2 laser machine?

what can you do with monport?

yulin zhang |

Many people often ask me a question: What is the use of a laser cutting and engraving machine?

Indeed, at first glance, lasers seem to be very far away from our lives, but a closer look will reveal that lasers can be seen everywhere in our lives, even everywhere. The use of laser cutting and engraving machines is also very extensive, especially in industrial manufacturing occupies a huge weight. For most non-metal materials, no matter how hard it is, it can be cut perfectly and quickly. What industries can the laser cutting and engraving machine be used in? Come, let us have a quick glance.

Ⅰ. Applicable to lots of industries

CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine has a wide range of applications in the industries of clothing, leather, cloth toys, computer embroidery and cutting and engraving, electronic appliances, models, handicrafts, advertising and decoration, packaging and printing, paper products and other industries,etc.

1. Wooden furniture and handicrafts industry

    laser engraving wood

    In the era of rapid economic development, more and more exquisite and unique wood products are widely loved by consumers, which promotes the vigorous development of the wood product processing industry. There are many classifications of wood products. The most common ones are furniture wood products, office wood products, Living wood products, packaging wood products and high-tech wood products, etc. Woodcarving is only a branch of craft wood products, but Chinese woodcarving art has been famous since ancient times and can be traced back to the primitive society, when there were many embryonic craft products. Nowadays, wood products combine the life needs and aesthetic pursuits of modern society, and they are widely used in furniture and handicrafts and are very popular in the society.

    Wood products are craft products formed by processing and manufacturing wood as raw materials. Due to the rapid development of the society, the wood product processing industry continues to use various advanced processing technologies. Traditional wood products are carved by hand, which is time-consuming and energy-consuming, and requires processors to have high requirements such as superb craftsmanship and artistic sense. Therefore, the development of wood products industry is particularly slow. With the emergence of laser equipment such as laser engraving & cutting and engraving machines, laser engraving technology for wood products has been widely used. The high-efficiency, high-precision laser marking machine has promoted the continuous rise of the wood product industry.

    2. Arts & Crafts Industry

    Monport Laser machine for wood engraving

    Laser engraving crafts refers to the use of high-energy conspired laser beams projected on the surface of the material to cause physical and chemical changes on the surface of the material to obtain visible patterns of engraved crafts.

    Laser engraving crafts can be divided into: paper laser engraving crafts, fabric laser engraving crafts, bamboo laser engraving crafts, leather laser engraving crafts, resin laser engraving crafts, glass engraving crafts, metal laser engraving crafts, jewelry and jade laser engraving Crafts...

    For example, I will mainly introduce to you the engraving of the plexiglass crafts by the laser engraving machine: Acrylic, the most common material in our daily life, is actually a kind of plexiglass. It is easy to be cut and carved into various shapes and sizes, and the cost is relatively low, so it naturally becomes a craft industry. One of the most commonly used engraving materials on the Internet. The plexiglass produced by the casting method has a very white frosting effect after laser engraving, which is in sharp contrast with the original transparent texture, and can produce very good results after engraving; the plexiglass produced by the calendering method after laser engraving It is still transparent and does not have a sufficient contrast effect, so it is relatively less used. Therefore, we must pay attention when buying plexiglass, we must choose the kind of high purity, otherwise the plexiglass material bought back may melt during engraving or cutting.

    Crafts processing, clothing, underwear, furnishings, gloves, handbags, shoes, hats, toys and car flower industry cutting, engraving, and engraving on glass are also available.

    3. Advertising Production Industry

    laser wood  engraver

    In the advertising production industry, many nonmetal materials are usually used. However, the traditional advertising material processing equipment, when processing advertising fonts and other materials, the processing accuracy and cutting and engraving surface are not ideal, resulting in an amazing probability of rework, which not only wastes a lot of Costs have also greatly reduced work efficiency.

    If laser cutting and engraving machine equipment is used to process advertising materials, not only can the above-mentioned series of problems be effectively solved, and the effect of advertising materials can be perfectly presented, but also the production and processing efficiency can be greatly improved, and real low investment and high return can be achieved. In addition, the laser cutting and engraving machine equipment can also process some complex graphics, which expands the product business scope of the advertising company, and makes the extra profit of small enterprises significantly increase.

    4. Clothing Manufacturing Industry

    Monport laser fabirc engraving

    As an important part of a country's economy, the clothing industry will be an important downstream market for the promotion and development of laser cutting and engraving equipment in the future. Although most of the garment industry currently adopts the manual cutting and engraving mode, and only a small number of high-end factories adopt computer-controlled mechanical cutting and engraving beds for automated cutting and engraving, the proportion of automated laser cutting and engraving equipment in the garment industry will undoubtedly become larger and more effective. Big clothing production efficiency.

    5. Kitchenware Manufacturing Industry

    monport-glass and wood engraver

    In the kitchenware processing industry, range hoods and gas appliances usually use a large number of sheet metal panels. These sheet metal panels are often processed with traditional processing methods. The work efficiency is very low, and the mold consumption is high and the use cost is high, which not only consumes a lot of money. The human, material and financial resources also restrict the development of new products.

    The laser cutting and engraving machine can avoid these headaches. When processing kitchenware products, the laser processing equipment has extremely fast cutting and engraving speed and extremely high cutting and engraving precision, which not only greatly improves the production and processing efficiency, but also effectively improves the yield of range hoods and gas appliances.

    In addition, the laser cutting and engraving machine is also more suitable for cutting and engraving thin stainless steel, which can better realize customized and personalized product development, and is well adapted to the kitchenware manufacturing industry.

    6. Packaging industry

    engraving packaging

    With the widespread application of laser engraving machines, the printing and packaging industry has gradually applied laser engraving technology. The most common packaging in the printing and packaging industry is corrugated box packaging. However, corrugated box packaging can be divided into two categories, one is sales packaging, and the other is transportation packaging. Sales packaging generally belongs to inner packaging, which meets consumers during the sales process, such as color boxes, white boxes, and gift boxes. Transport packaging generally belongs to outer packaging, which is basically inconsistent with consumers during the sales process. Its main function is to facilitate storage and transportation, such as cartons, corrugated boxes, and so on.

    Due to the low cost of laser engraving on paper packaging materials, only a quarter of the cost of resin plates, laser engraving is generally used as a corrugated box packaging printing plate in the current printing and packaging industry.

    The laser engraving machine realizes engraving by means of dots, which has a natural advantage in grayscale performance. For this reason, grayscale representation is used as much as possible in the engraving design. This has the advantage of reducing the coloring process and saving costs; on the one hand, it enriches the expression means of engraving and increases the level of graphics. Otherwise, a CO2 laser engraving machine can engrave various material like rubber plates, plastic plates, double-layer plates, die-cutting knife plates, etc.

     7. Leather manufacturing industry

    engraving leather key chains with laser machine

    The leather industry uses laser cutting machines to break the serious problems caused by traditional manual and electric shears, slow speed, movement typesetting, low efficiency, and materials. You input the required graphics and dimensions into the computer, and the laser engraving machine can make the entire material into the finished product you need according to the data on your computer. CO2 laser engravers are also widely used in the leather industry. For example our Monport CO2 laser engraving machine can work on real leather, synthetic leather, artificial leather, cloth, it also can realize carving, cutting, carving and hollowing of complex characters and graphics on the fur.

    Compared with the traditional cutting method, the laser cutting machine has the advantages of continuous operation: the edges of the leather cut by it are not yellow, and the edges or curling are automatic, not deformed, not hard, and the size is suitable and suitable; it can cut arbitrarily complex Modeling; high efficiency, low cost, computer design, can operate laces of any shape and size; processing is safe for toys, without mechanical pressure; simple maintenance, etc.

    Due to the combination of laser and computer technology, as long as the user designs a pattern on the computer, the image can be output, and the engraved graphics can be changed at any time to realize the idea of designing products while designing. It can be said that the emergence of laser engraving machines has greatly promoted the development of the leather industry.

    8. Model Making

    engraver model cutting

    Many friends who like models know that using a laser engraving and cutting machine to make models is a good choice. It can not only help users improve efficiency and save materials, but also allow us to say goodbye to the troubles that are difficult to operate and cannot start. Production of sand table building models and airplane models. ABC board cutting. Multi-layer board cutting, etc. Architectural models, mechanical models, vehicle models, and ship model models are the oldest design tools. Modern society has given newer meanings and wider uses to models. It is no exaggeration to say that models are industrial models. The performance and display of machinery, vehicles, ships, architectural design schemes, and the sale of commercial houses are all inseparable from models. The models themselves also have independent competitions, commemorations and collections and other activities and meanings. At present, the engraving machine that makes models more exquisite and faster has become the best helper for making models in all walks of life.

    9. Industrial processing

      Monport Laser engraving

      The output of industrial processing China's building materials has ranked first in the world, and it is currently developing rapidly in the direction of improving quality and perfecting varieties. The engraving machine can easily and quickly produce a large number of exquisite molds for building decoration materials such as gypsum ceilings, ceramic tiles, floor tiles, and so on, so that the value of decorative materials processed by this mold is doubled. In countries with developed manufacturing industries, most of the surface marking of parts, the production of instrument panels, and the production of various signs, identification plates, work number plates, and production flow charts necessary for standardized management of enterprises, are mostly completed by engraving machines. According to foreign survey statistics, in developed industrial countries in Western Europe such as Germany and Switzerland, 2/3 of the engraving machines are used as machine tools in factories. China is becoming the "factory of the world", and it is believed that engraving machines will flourish and enter workshop after workshop in the land of China.

      The CO2 laser machine can cut, mark, engrave or dot a constant distance between the surface of the material. Thanks to this technology commands programe that control the speed and design to follow according to the characteristics of the piece to treat. Our Monport CO2 laser cutters are the perfect tools for engraving your favorite designs in acrylic, thin woods and numerous more materials,etc.


      Ⅱ. How to boost your industry with CO2 laser machine?

      With the improvement and expansion of technology, laser cutting and engraving has become more and more popular in the past few decades. The whole process promoted more applications of laser cutting and engraving services. The industry has largely benefited from the technology's combination of improved accuracy and the ability to meet the most demanding manufacturing challenges. The accuracy and complexity of cutting and engraving patterns, contours, designs and shapes is unparalleled. However, laser cutting and engraving can also produce high-quality finished products with excellent efficiency. In terms of production, it is also cost-effective and time-saving.

      Laser cutting and engraving services provide unlimited design possibilities for industries that were once almost impossible to achieve and deliver. The meticulous and extremely precise cutting and engraving also reduces material waste, which is beneficial to the bottom line. Laser cutting and engraving also provides a high level of repeatability, continuously producing high-quality, close-tolerance parts, components and assemblies for the industries it serves.

      Laser cutting and engraving is a manufacturing process which can eliminate the need for machining on many engineering jobs, enabling you to save money on manufacturing costs. Laser cutting and engraving is worthy of its name by exposing the material and work piece to a high-power laser to cut through it. It provides multiple advantages for manufacturing companies, including the following.

      (1) Support most materials

      Laser cutting and engraving supports most non-metal materials. From aluminum and copper to stainless steel and even titanium, it can easily cut other strong and hard materials. Laser cutting and engraving essentially uses a laser to melt materials in a concentrated area. As the laser beam heats up, it melts the exposed material. Due to the high temperature of the laser beam, it can cut almost all types of materials, regardless of strength or hardness.

      (2) Smooth edges

      Another advantage of laser cutting and engraving in manufacturing is that it can produce smooth edges. Of course, traditional scissors usually have jagged edges. When you cut a piece of material with a pair of scissors, the edge will have a sharp jagged surface. Laser cutting and engraving will not encounter the same problem. Because it uses heat, it melts the material and at the same time produces smooth edges.

      (3) Extremely high precision

      Laser cutting and engraving is very precise. Using it, manufacturing companies can cut materials to achieve extremely precise specific dimensions. In fact, the dimensional accuracy of some laser cutting and engraving machines is about 0.0005 inches. This is much more accurate than the dimensional accuracy of traditional cutting and engraving methods (such as scissors). With its extremely high precision, laser cutting and engraving has become a popular choice for manufacturing companies.

      There are different types of laser cutting and engraving machines. Some of them use CO2 lasers, while others use neodymium (Nd) lasers. In any case, they can cut materials with extreme precision.

      (4) Automation

      Laser cutting and engraving can be automated. It supports computer numerical control (CNC) systems. There are CNC laser cutting and engraving machines that work with computer programs. You can program the cutting and engraving process on the computer. Then the laser cutting and engraving machine will cut the material according to your specifications according to these instructions.

      (5) Energy saving

      Although it still requires energy, it is believed that laser cutting and engraving is more energy efficient than many other cutting and engraving methods. It enables manufacturing companies to execute the cutting and engraving process quickly and easily. Because of its fast running speed, laser cutting and engraving generally consumes less energy than other cutting and engraving processes.

      • Fast and consistent: The laser engraving machine abandoned the original tool bricks in the design, using the principle of laser, using a dedicated laser drill, the laser emitted by the laser drill to process the material, the straight-line theorem of the beam determines the laser engraving machine The stability of the engraving machine greatly improves the speed and precision of engraving, and it can work continuously without changing the drill bit.
      • Affordable and efficient: Laser engraving and etching are relatively cheap and do not require so many tools (such as drills and knives).

      In the past few decades, the design requirements for components have greatly expanded. Many components require smaller and more complex components, and laser cutting and engraving is the perfect solution. In this way, it has greatly boosted the development of a lot of industries.